The foom technology extracts valuable fertiliser from organic waste - on site and in record time

Less emissions, better soils, more biodiversity!


foom decomposes organic waste on site within a few days and reduces CO₂

Healthy soil captures CO2. Currently, the soil stores more than three times as much CO2 as the earth's atmosphere. But the CO2 storage capacity of the soil is decreasing. foom has developed a solution to stop this trend by improving the quality of our topsoil and by reducing the use of artificial fertilisers.

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The foom technology is based on microbial hydrolysis accelerated by bioaugmentation

Naturally present microorganisms can break down biowaste under suitable conditions with self-produced enzymes. This way, the biowaste serves as the basis for microbes growth. In the hydrolytic biowaste digestion process, the microbial growth and enzymatic decomposition supported by bioaugmentation result in fertiliser

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Innovation is the only way to solve our climate crisis

We are experienced founders with a passion. After more than a decade in e-commerce, we are refocusing our entrepreneurial energy. Not least our children have always given us food for thought with their questions about the state of the planet.

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